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Company Profile
Our POEA-151-SB-053113-R-MLC
License is Valid Until March 06,2016
INTER-WORLD SHIPPING CORPORATION is an Equal Employment Opportunity
Employer, manning and crewing service company recognized by the Department of
Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Philippine Overseas Employment
Administration (POEA), with valid license to March 06, 2016 which complies with
the requirements fo the MLC 2006 of the ILO, currently authorized to recruit,
process and deploy qualified Filipino seafarers and other marine services to its
Principals abroad.

It is a private corporation owned and operated by professional Filipino Seafarers and
business men who believe in and implement fair employment and honest business
practice. It is organized and existing under the Corporation Law of the Philippines under
SEC Registration No. 124076 or the Securities and Exchange Commission of the
Philippines. Its activities are governed by the company's by-laws duly approved by all the
Stockholders and Directors.

95, a comprehensive mandatory course imposed by the INTERNATIONAL MARITIME
ORGANIZATION (IMO). All these and other requirements are scrutinized by our
experienced staffs who prepare all the documentations required prior to seafarers'

IWSC will always uphold and adhere to the requirements imposed by the Department of
Labor and Employment (DOLE), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
(POEA), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and other government agencies and
instrumentalities assuring that our seafarers meet all the necessary legal documents,
knowledge, experience, expertise and leave our country with pride and dignity.